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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 27, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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i will assure you they are moving quickly. temperatures staying ip sinside they can. let's begin our team coverage. we spent the day with mail carriers in this bitter cold blast. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is with us. temperatures will really take that dive tonight. >> yeah. obviously it is going to be colder than it is right now. by tomorrow morning colder than it will be later this evening. in allentown you can see the flag blowing. it is going to be one of the cold spots. it will feel like it is below zero there. it will feel like it is 15 below zero. we have the first alert out. those areas are most dangerous.
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this is philadelphia. it's not normal. feels like 7 in reading. lancaster and the wind is going to stay up there. we'll see when colder weather is coming. >> coverage continues.
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rfrmgts you know, first of all they are dressed for the weather. the mail carrier i met today really thinks ahead and watches the forecast. >> as long as we bupd l up well you're nice and comfortable. >> the chilly temps don't prk hrk ase her. she likes to see the seasons change even when winter is cold.
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she is prepared because she heard the cold was coming. >> she has four layers on today, part of the key for anyone this week. >> make sure everything is dry. >> he also recommends taking breaks and coming in. >> make sure you pay attention such as pain, numbness in your feet, toes and happenends. >> as she makes her way from house to house lisa prefers the warmer sunnier side of the street. >> just keep moving. >> reporter: she has got a few more tricks though. she said she has either hot coffee or hot soup. he also says she did you waurn
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on she said it just makes her colder. both are out here in the cold watching the light show tonight. they don't seem to be miepding it. back to you. >> just keep moving. >> what does it feel like right now? >> reporter: it is better when the wind isn't blowing. take a look. you can see the water flowing. there is water frozen on those pol poles up there. some of it wuasn't moving fast enough and it froze in space. >> thank you. >> yes. >> a wilmington pharmacy is helping the homeless stay warm.
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they will be distributinining blankets sign up to get realtime alerts septembnt directly the y phone. >> an 11-year-old girl in the northeast. a neighbor found that girl unresponsive this morning. she was there for a sleep over. the girl was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. ip vest gat investigate toeors are trying t figure out how she died. it happened last night. police recoffervered the car th say was involved. surveillance shows anthony
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getting off of the city bus. you can see the 58-year-old using the crosswalk then a car speeds towards him, hits him and taking off. if you reck can go noise this car call police. >> police call it a case of murder among teenagers. >> a 16-year-old suspect will stand trial in the shooting death of two other teenagers. we were there where anger and frustration spilled out onto the
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streets. >> the grandfather is a dear friend of mine. i have known him. he is a tough guy, construction guy. he is still in a state of devastation. >> the other victim killed by gunfire 16-year-old miller. today mill's best friend testified. the 15-year-old friend initially told detectives they were there the night -- another hit him by accident. the teen refused to answer the prosecutor's questions. he had previously lied to police. >> when he got to court he went to become away from the words that he gave us. >> is this going to be problematic when this goes to trial?
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>> with two teens dead the judge with a message about kids buying give ups on the street like they are buying soda. >> was he directing it to the cliep clie clients family? >> i don't flow. i think he made a state generally. >>. police say a distracted driver is to blame. a car crashed into a house today. no one was ip side the house at the time. the driver had to be freed from her car and was taken to the hospital. it is unknown how serious her injuries are. >> police arrested two people they say stole packages from
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front porches. police were able to identify them from surveillance video taken from that scene. both are facing criminal mischief and other charges. it toopg crews an hour to get flames urpd control. less than a month still in office chris christie is delivering a new treat. he signed an executive order to accept prepayment of 2018 property taxes. the payments must be postmarked by december 31st. >> president trump is looking to continue to momentum into the new year.
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retailers have had a happy holiday season. >> sales were up almost 5%. they were up because we saw consumer confidence, job growth, pretty good corporate profits around the world. >> online retailers were the biggest winner. private first with the purple heart. they injured while patrolling in 2003. he held off enemy forces while his army platoon came urnder
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attack. >> thank you for your courage. we are proud here to call you the son of chester county. >> he served in the army from june 2002 until january 2006. speaking of heros, ahead at 5:00 a self-less act of heroism. >> we hear from the man who risked his life who fell into an icey pond. new at 5:00 the tough new laws going into effect to keep animals safe during this arctic blast. >> thank you for everything that you do. thank you for your support.
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>> near lir 65 million people are in the grit of freezing temperature and record snow. >> it is causing mayjor problem at the nation's airport. we have the story. >> no escape from old man winter. severe weather sweep across the country paralyzing some communities. chicago a city with a reputation giving visitors a frigid
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surprise. >> it is quite eye opening. >> yes. >> dozens of septemberecenters help people in need. >> it can be used as warming cente centers. ski resorts before opening. in vermont their season off to a strong start. skiers taking advantage of fresh powder, a late christmas gift measured in inches.
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nbc news. and with that bitter blast you know it's cold. temperatures will really plunge tonight. here is a live look at city avenue. traffic is moving along. a cold end to 2017. you' you're looking live at the ben franklin bridge. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz joining us now. the bottom really going to drop out here. >> yeah. tomorrow will be the coldest of the week. we get a little snow saturday and then it gets colder for sunday and monday of next week. this isn't going to be around all winter. >> i hope not. >> all right. we have the first alert for tonight through 8:00 a.m. on friday. feels like temperatures are of course worse where it is going
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to feel like it's 15 below and in other parts of the area in the lower single dimgits. the temperatures in delaware getting close to 20 as well. it is 23 and farther to the south we don't see any place in the 30s. it these are the temperatures, 24 in philadelphia. it's nowhere as cold here as it is in other parts of the country. it is 20 to 30 below in canada.
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as long as the winds keep coming you can want really warm up significantly. we have single dimggits. by tomorrow morning it is below zero. wilmington at 1. potstown 3 below zero. during the afternoon it doesn't warm up. all of tomorrow is frozen. all of tomorrow night is frozen. so this is not just one night of very very cold weather.
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24 does not look like a well organized event. it does not look like a coastal storm. i have the word light in the. it could be heavier into shore if the system strengthens a little. that's during the day on saturday. so that's the day where we have -- this is the warmest weather of the next several days. it will be colder than today and tomorrow are going to be. it will feel like it's as cold they were playing it next monday night. it would be even worse. these are the feels like temperatures for new year's eve.
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single dimgits. monday morning it will be worse. i have a high monday of 19. lows in the single digits in philly and near zero in some of the suburbs. we don't get to 30 until the middle of next week. we could be getting closer to average as we go towards the opened end of next week. >> thank you. speaking of the weather just one day after officially opening the observation wheel in atlantic city is shut down. officials say the extreme cold temperatures have no word on when it will reopen. a 72-year-old plan is back after getting stuck in the snow on christmas.
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he was going target shooting when he fell in. a group found hip tm the next morning. he was a bit shaken but otherwise okay. >> kwanzaa lasts for a week. it features a different principal each and every day. all right. they have the number one seed. they have home field advantage. the eagles say this sunday's game against the cowboys still has meaning. also, the security scare that lead to an eight hour flight to nowhere and the twitter storm that followed it.
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today the team unveiled the city edition uniform. it celebrates the patriotic spirit of philadelphia. they will wear it when they play the heat. a plane bound for tokyo made a u-turn all because the passengers boarded the wrong plane. they departed last night and suddenly turned around and flew back to la. she was on the flight. you know she tweeted about it to her 9 million followers. >> hey guys. chrissy here. i know you're eagerly awaiting my updates on this situation which has turned into a
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cover-up. >> after several hours she tweeted she was boarding a new flight. she is married to john legend. she even shared a photo with her hubby on the plane. she said turning on the plane is part of security procedures. >> new year's eve is just around the corner. >> within p e wanted to know whe doing to celebrate. >> i'm staying home and i'm watching the ball drop. >> that's the plan. >> i am going to be in north carolina having fun and having adult beverages. >> i plan on doing things philadelphia style, going to the fireworks on new year's eve. new year's day probably go to the parade. >> whether you're watching the fireworks a lot of people look forward to new year's. if you're interested in doing
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something a little bit different we have a few suggestions. >> it depends how far you're willing to travel. it is one of the sweetest in the country. you don't have to stay up so late to enjoy it. this makes its way down at 5:15. a fireworks display follows. it is the mushroom capital of the world. folks ring in the new year with a mushroom drop. it falls to sell blat the town's rolling fields of mush rooms. a lot of fun. expect a kiss on new year's eve. count on midnight fireworks display. >> or you can stay home and ring in the new year.
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you can catch the show live at 6:00 p.m. and midnight. stay warm and turn on the tv. we'll be streaming the shows live on the nbc 10 app. new at 5:00, dealing with this bitter cold. >> these are the coldest temperatures we have felt in nearly a year. what makes it feel worse. >> plunging temperatures and rising concerns. how authorities are enforcing us, tough new law aimed at protecting pets. and coming up at 6:00 rocky himself wants the statue.
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>> nbc 10 is in ardmore where temperatures are continuing to fall. first alert at 11:00 tonight for brutally cold temperatures. >> a live look at the ski resort. people are bundled up on the
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slopes. good evening. >> our team of reporters are covering the impact of this wicked weather. ted is breaking down laws regarding your pets many this cold weather. >> we begin with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. the temps are getting dangerously low tonight. we have the first alert out. the worst of it is in the poconos. it will feel like 15 below at the worst tonight. single digits many much of area. temperatures dipping into the teens. it's only 5:30 in the afternoon. the feels like temperatures
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already in the single digits in pots it's town and reading. nobody is feeling like 20. tomorrow you'll have trouble feeling like 10. 10 later in the morning. in the pa suburbs it barely gets to 10. in the lehigh valley it did you want go-- it doesn't get to 10. >> all right. this is important. this is important for people and for pets too. authorities are busy responding to complaints about animals being left out in the cold. ted shows us how they are using a strict new law to protect pets from weather like this. >> on this frigid afternoon chelsi's blood boils. >> you have no water. >> she finds this dug inside a
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pin covered by a ripped tarp with straw and a small unheated crate. his owner is not home. >> it is 24 degrees. he could definitely freeze. >> working for shore animal control and spca as a cruelty investigator she is busy enforcing a new law in the garden state that puts tougher restrictions on how pets can be restrained or left outdoors especially there extreme weather conditions. violators could be slapped with fine. >> if you're standing outside and you're cold your dog is cold. >> reporter: a key component makesing it illegal to leave them alone for more than 30 minutes without proper shelter. >> day are coming in. >> this woman said her dogs had only been out a short time while
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she was in the shower. >> honey, i take very good care of my dogs. >> do you want to come with me? you want to find a good home? >> she feeds this dog, bringing him out of the cold. she is bracing for an uptake in these cases as temperatures keep falling. nbc 10 news. >> download the free app to track realtime temperatures and wind chills in your neighborhood. >> the justice department is coming under fire tonight. it claims the justice department mishandled sexual harassment claims inside the department. they found potential systemic issues. >> take a close look at this robbery suspect. it is hard to see his face but police are hoping someone can recognize the clothes he is wearing.
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he is wanted for holding up a cashier at a rite aid. surveillance catches two men stealing from an auto repair shop. both men climb the same fence to get in on c-street. once inside they took several car batteries and 30 quarts of oil. here is a look at stories making headlines today. in delaware county it has been awarded an $85 million contract with boeing to renovate. it is expected to be completed by march of 2019. a power line fell on top of one of their trucks. firefighters could nn't use it.
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luckily no one was hurt here. not clear how the fire started. >> very lucky college students will be living along the beach in atlantic city. these are pictures of stockton's up and coming campus. there is housing on the board walk. there is a near by parking garage. the 2$220 million project is expected to be completed by the fall. free books for teefrpeacher. this saturday they are giving away thousands of left over chrchr chir childrens books. you must register first. with minimum wage set to jump a new report highlighting the expected impact. about 300,000 workers will benefit when minimum wage increases on new year's day.
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that will amount to about $469 extra a year for each worker. it was put together by a progressive research group which said the increase is still not enough. . it is a sour day for apple. >> slapped with salutlawsuits following claims. models that are effected next. historic drawing, what's different that could leave a wipwi winner with more than 300 million dlafrz. dollars -- $300 million.
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tonight second time in u.s. history lottery players have a shot at jackpots. over $337 million up for grabs. the mega millions stands at 306 million with the next drawing set for friday. both had the recent jackpot wips. >> after admitting to slowing down holder iphone models they are facing several lawsuits. apple defrauded by slowing down devices without warning to compensate for poor battery performance. the iphones have a feature to smooth out power from batteries that are cold, old other no longer charge.
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former nbc 10 delaware, flu cases are on the rise. officials say that they seeing a slight uptake cam pairompares t same per kbrod in recent years. flu season typically runs from october until may. >> trying to get your kids to sleep better? start including fish in their die diets. kids who ate fish at least once a week had fewer sleep bis tur banss than those who did not consume fish. also kids who ate fish scored 4 points higher on average on iq tests.
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>> we got a first alert for the cold. we'll let you know how low temperatures are going to drop tonight. i'm checking the chaps nce of k for the holiday weekend. >>. coming up at 6:00 police technology you'll want to know about. horn sounds ] dang! ok, i gotta run. hey, wait, there's something i need to tell you- dang. dang! dang! dang. dang. see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. mii'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis.
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vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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john clark is joining us live now. >> i learned one thing, never tell an athlete a game is meaningless. the eagles first home playoff game is two and a half weeks away. they want to be playing their best football. they want to have success in all three phases heading into the post season. if the eagles win they would finish a perfect 8 and 0 at home and they would have the most wins in a season. that is important for this guy. >> me personally, i want to play
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every game though. obviously this is a game that we want. we have the chance to do something here that hasn't been done and that's win 14 games. i know all of the guys want to do it. i know all of the guys want to be part of something that special. >> 14 and 2. that is unbelievable. never been done before in eagles history. coming up we'll hear from one who says he is done talking to the media for the season. we'll show you what happened today. we'll see you then. >> we have to talk to him. >> hold on. >> we are not stirring up a controversy. >> right. >> 14 and 2 is pretty good. >> they want it. >> the birds wrap up the regular season this sunday when they take on the cowboys. we are your official station of the philadelphia eagles.
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the streets department tree recycling program runs from next tuesday through january 13th. there are several drop-off locations across the city. we have a link to a full list of those locations. you'll be able to take the south jersey rail service at no cost on new year's eve. it will be offered from 8:00 p.m. on new year's eve to 4:00 p.m. on new year's day. look at this, the popular new year's event is kaps led because of bone chilling temperatures. imagine going out there wearing bathing suits. it is too cold for the polar bear plunge. it is expected to be only 18 degrees on new year's day in that area. the plunge is being scrapped for safety concerns.
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we found these landscapers working hard near the studios. we are issuing a first alert to the dangerous cold. >> a live look. temperatures are falling into the teens tonight along the shore. up in allentown it is frigid. thermometer is dropping to si single dimgits. >> these temperatures are dropping. >> yeah. this is going to be the coldest night and tomorrow morning the coldest morning so far. then sunday and monday are likely to be colder than tonight and tomorrow morning. we are not done with there for a while. this is not just a couple of days of arctic shock. look at flags blowing.
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the wind isn't going down much. it adds to the windchill. it feels that much colder obviously. we have the first alert out. it is worst than the poconos. the feels like temperature goes down to 15 below in the philadelphia area. we'll get a couple of days off from that and more out from sunday through monday night. 24 in philadelphia. it's pretty cold no matter what time of year it is. we are approaching the 20 degree mark. in washington township it is 21. it is 23 in mercer county.
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that is already cold. we have the wind and our air is coming from the west and northwest. we take a look and see how cold it is. you track it right up into central canada. it is 20 to 30 below. that's the temperature, not windchill. and so we know that this is going to stay around for a while. we are already feeling like we are in the sipgngle digits acro the area. the other thing about tomorrow is the temperature did you want go up a lot. the wind does go up. the feels like stays in the single dimgits through the whol day. you don't see that very often. tomorrow night into friday morning still single dimgts git
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near friday afternoon we are into the teens. so it's cold for quite a while. then we have this system coming in from the west. it looks fairly weak. come computer models don't show snow at all. that is during the day on saturday and then the cold air gets reenforced. a utah deputy made a life saving decision. app eight-year-old boy had fallen through an icey popdnd. time was rupinning out. >> i was being desperate. i had searched the entire area. he was back under the ice beyond the broken out area. i was actually calling out to
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him. >> suddenly the ser jegeant fel the boy and grabbed and pulled him above the water. she still under sedition thanks to that officer. >> you can imagine his emotion during all of that too. all right. more than $900,000, that's how much money they have saved for you this year. >> they have been doing good work. and we are working on sever stories for you at 6:00. a man taken from his home at gunpoint and forced to withdraw crash, how he used wawa workers to free himself from his atakers. -- attackers. michael: i'm thankful that
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i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available.
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christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit lehere are some stories we covered getting more than $900,000 back for you. >> a meet and greet with someovsome of her famous tv celebrities. >> i don't know what else to do.
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>> could i hug you? >> yes. >> we also dealt with contractors when this woman didn't get the landscaping she was promised she responded. >> you did really great. can i get a hug from you? >> definitely. >> the owner got a refupd of nearly $70,000 for a new roof. >> when an insurance company failed to pay its share we stepped in. >> thanks so much for your support. >>. >> thats. >> you 23450ed help? you got it? >> this sinl l mom could not get her deposit back from a day care scepter after they denied her child access. we got her cash back. >> tlapg you so much nbc 10 news. >> say thank you, harry. >> thank you, harry.
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>> it's been a fun year getting back hundred ofs of thousandsov dollars for you. we will be ready to respond to you all next year. >> we are working on sever new stories for nbc 10 news at 6:00. an 80-year-old woman stabbed, the fire ripped through the hopes of two dozen people. we'll show you how one three-year-old boy is joining that effort tonight. >> a football player pledges allegiance tonight, why it is a day he will never forget. >> plus that frigid feeling that will feel like 0 degrees, in some places even colder. the details you need to hear next.
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a driver hit a man and drove off. cell phone surveillance, the cell phone technology they say is tricking your phone. right now at 6:00 this brutal cold will get even more
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bone chilling tonight. we have issued a first alert with winds and temperatures. good evening. you'll feel the numbing positions as soon as you wake up tomorrow morning. in philadelphia the windchills could have a feeling like 0 degrees tomorrow. this is a live look at the flags flying tonight in center city. in the lehigh valley the cold will be more dangerous. it is for anyone planning to ski in the poconos tomorrow we are expecting it to feel like 15 degrees be we low zero there. we are showing you cape may right now. a cold flight on the sand too. a bitter blast comes as the region is already freezing. firefighters needed assault trucks to keep everything from si icing over at this


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